Debate is in every form of communication, from convincing a company to hire you to proving your parents wrong. It is a regulated public speaking clash between educated people, who use strategy, content and manner in order to support their case. Logic, persuasion, wittiness, respect and knowledge are the major key components that will be cultivated and put to test, disregarding your own views and beliefs on any matter.

Being passionate about a topic is good, but to be able to also truly grasp the ideas of the other side is greatness. It reminds us that communication was never meant to work towards just a single direction, but it is a two-way equal exchange, where arguments, information and feedback flow back and forth in an attempt to come closer to the truth and make the right decisions.

If you have ever found yourself staring in admiration at a public figure or someone who expresses themselves eloquently and secretly wishing you could do the same, even if only to make yourself be heard and understood, you’re in the right place. Debating is not just for aspiring politicians, but for successful professionals, active citizens and critical thinkers in general.

Practicing consistently will not only result in the broadening of areas such as: Usage of the English language, delivery, presentation, research, team work, organization, culture, nuance, etc., but might give you as well the unique opportunity to participate in national and international tournaments that will accredit your hard work and talent.

In our challenging times, financially and otherwise, it is pivotal to render yourself marketable and employable. Take advantage of your time to stand out from the rest in this globalized community, where everyone competes against everyone and it is hard to read between the lines of current news.

Some inspiration

What does competitive debating look like? See it for yourself!