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An online Delft Open means we cannot serve you delicious food… so we came up with a different way to give back, while also fanning the competitive fire: Delft Open is offering prizes this year – so that’s yet another reason to sign up! Everyone who breaks gets a reg fee refund, and the winning team receives a 100€ bonus to help you shop more online, buy a ton of face masks, or just donate to your local hospital – whatever lifts your quarantine spirits! Profits from the tournament (if any) will be donated to the WHO COVID-19 response fund.
Registration for Delft Open is still open – link under ‘Useful Links’ section above. Get your spot before they’re all gone!


In keeping with the digital trends during the corona crisis, Delft Open is moving to June 20-21 and will be held online on discord! The tournament will be held between 1100 and 1800 hours (CEST) on both days. Registration for Delft Open is now open. There will be no separate institutional reg – anyone (in the world!) can register directly as a team or judge in the form under ‘Useful Links’. Registration fee will be 5€ per participant (debater or judge).


The institutional registration for Delft Open 2020 is open – the link can be found under ‘Useful Links’ on this page. The current team cap is 40 teams. The registration fee is €70 per team and €10 per judge. We have a n-1 judge rule where n is the number of teams you are sending. We request you to send (within n-1) a breaking judge if you plan on sending more than 3 teams.
Deadline for filling the registration form is the 10th of April.

20.03.2020: Coronavirus update

The Delft Open org comm is closely following all updates from the Dutch government and RIVM (National Institute for Public Health), and so far we are still committed to make this event happen. Barring any changes for the worse, Delft Open will continue as planned: the institutional reg is open, and announcements regarding CAs and IA applications will follow in due course. In the meantime, remember to stay safe, healthy and wash your hands a lot. Relevant information on the state of COVID-19 in the Netherlands can be found here.

28.02.2020: IA anD Equity Officer

Delft Open is looking for IAs as well as an Equity Officer this year. The application form is under ‘Useful Links’ on this page.As an IA or Equity Officer, the Delft Open committee will waive your registration fee, cover your travel expenses as well as give you top priority for crash. Welcome to Delft Open!

CA team

Brian Wong, Gigi Gil, Lovro Šprem, Joona Suhonen, Fabian Beitsma

Equity panel

Sowmya Srinivasan, Lucy McManus


Due to the corona crisis, Delft Open 2020 has moved online. The event will be held on the discord platform: we are working very hard at a beautifully customised server, so get your accounts and microphones ready!