Confidence, strategy, rhetoric; all skills that an engineer needs, or the world will eat you alive when you try to pitch an idea other people don’t yet understand.

Debating will turn you into a more confident public speaker, it hones your argumentation skills and lets you think critically about a wide range of phenomena in society.

If any of this sounds interesting to you become a member or just drop for our weekly club meetings on Discord

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About half of our members are international students at the TU Delft. From first-year students to PhD’s and alumni, all have joined our ranks, from almost all faculties in the university. This diversity leads to ever-interesting discussions and a powerful network of friends.

As a student society we do more than just debating. We often meet up to socialize as well. After each debating session, we usually go for drinks in town, and we periodically organize socials to get to know each other better.


Throughout the year, debating societies organize their own tournaments. Here, a large part of the debating community gathers to compete in teams of two for eternal glory – and a nice trophy.

We participate in both English and Dutch tournaments, and sometimes even abroad. Last year, our society participated in 8 tournaments throughout the Netherlands and 2 within Europe.

See our tournaments page for more information of upcoming and previous competitions


Aside from competitive debating, we also organize workshops to improve presentation and argumentation skills. You can read our training page for more information.

Together with Studium Generale and TU Delta, we also moderate large debates around the campus and in Delft. These debates are different than our competitive debates, and involve experts in their own fields who form a panel to clash about a burning topic in society.